Our Aoyama Earth Studio is a versatile, state-of-the-art creative space set up to handle everything from production planning and events to live-streaming interviews, performances and other broadcast content along with satellite connectivity and HD/SD Final Cut Pro editing suites, all in one convenient central Tokyo location.

Here’s what VE and Aoyama Earth Studio can offer you:

  • A soundproof stage for live satellite reports, interviews, live or taped webcasts, performances and corporate communication videos, equipped with blue and green screens for live chroma-key over iconic Tokyo recorded backgrounds or compositing in post
  • Multi-camera HD/SD broadcasting and recording
  • Web-streaming services
  • Two-way satellite connectivity
  • ISDN connectivity for two-way teleconferencing
  • Videotape playouts
  • Nonlinear editing and encoding for web videos
  • Our tapeless workflow process, which radically speeds up production
  • Secure file transfers for broadcast or corporate communications

If you have a project coming up and can give us some specifics, please contact us to discuss:

Tel: +81-3-5414-7660
Fax: +81-3-5414-7661
MCR: +81-3-5414-7658
Email: info@virginearthinc.com
Skype: virginearthinc