As TEDxTokyo’s main video production partner for the last four years, VE took on the challenge of creating this entirely original means for sharing Otsuka’s story at TEDxTokyo 2012. The plan was ambitious: to create, from scratch, a hand-drawn animated film that expressed some of the key stories from Otsuka’s history and business while demonstrating how the ‘Big Venture Company’ continues to press on with the challenge of making an innovative contribution to the health of people around the world. Whilst typically a project of this complexity would take up to six months to produce, in this case the VE team had only 6 weeks. However, a continuous process of idea sharing between Otsuka and TEDxTokyo allowed the project to progress at a previously unheard of pace. This film is the result of a creative collaboration between Otsuka and TEDxTokyo, and was produced by VE. VE Role: Production and Creative Direction, Storyboarding, Voice Narration and Recording, Nikon Camera Package, Studio Space and Lighting, Timelapse Photography, and Final Cut Pro Edit. Client: TEDxTokyo for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd