Your Streaming Solution in Japan

Recent years have seen huge improvements in online video technology, making high quality, affordable web streaming available to all.

However, current market offerings are complex, with convoluted pricing structures and hidden add-ons, causing confusion from the outset and leading to spiraling costs.

Turn-key Solution

Virgin Earth Inc has partnered with leading specialists in online live video to cut through this confusion, offering a complete turn-key solution — EarthStream. This comes with all the features you need to extend your event to a national or global audience. With a team of in-house experts, we can take care of all aspects of the production — and do this for a single price.

Broadcast from Anywhere

We’re able to set up at any location, with or without a broadband internet connection. If you don’t have a suitable location yourself we invite you to enjoy the benefits of our fully equipped Aoyama Earth Studio.


Here are just a few examples of the types of events we can produce for you in Japan:

  • Product launches and demos, press conferences, shareholder meetings, interviews, executive presentations, symposiums and seminars
  • Videoconferences, workshops, training and e-learning sessions
  • Entertainment, news and commentary

We can provide multiple streams in standard or high definition, optimized for any size screen, from smartphones to video walls.

Integrated features

Our clean, easy-to-use video portal comes complete with integrated slides that advance in sync with the presentation. Links can be added to downloadable PDFs or any other type of file, as well as external websites.

Video-On-Demand Capabilities

Need to make your event available to viewers who’ve missed the live broadcast? With our video-on-demand service, the entire presentation (including video and synched slides) will be available online within 1 hour of the original event finishing. Click on slide thumbnails to jump to any point in the presentation.


Our presentation templates can be customized to match your corporate image. Should you prefer you can simply embed the video window on your own site.


Having worked with Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years, we understand the importance of security. All streams can be protected so as to only be viewable by a specified audience, whether through use of a password, IP blocking, or third-party authentication systems.

Multiple Destinations

Whilst typically we stream to our own platform, we can also stream direct to all of the popular live streaming video sites such as Ustream, YouTube or Justin TV etc. For marketing events, the use of these popular platforms can help you reach an even wider audience.

Multiple Display Support

We can syndicate your show to websites, boardrooms, store displays and any other screens you specify, including desktop PCs, tablet devices and smart phones.

Event Analytics

FInd out how many people watched your stream with a full analytics report.


If shooting on site, we ideally need a wired broadband Internet connection and a power hookup. If wired broadband is unavailable come talk to us – we have a cost-effective wireless solution. On the receiving end viewers will need to have the standard Adobe Flash Player 9 or 10 installed on their device. iPhone / iPad and Android support is also available.


We like to keep things simple, and so are happy to offer a single camera package, comes complete with everything you need to make your event look great online.

To get more details on how we can take your program from concept to reality, please contact virgin earth today